How it works

Create gift
  • Click on „Create gift“.
  • Choose a gift from the wide range of products of our partners. Either you drag and drop the product pitcure into the page overlay, or you simply copy and paste the produtct’s link.
  • Choose the recipient. Simply enter a name or use facebook to choose from your facebook friends. By using facebook we can directly load the recipient’s profile picture. Don’t worry, the chosen person will not be informed in case you want it to be a surprise gift.
  • Expiry date. Choose a date until when you want your friends to chip in.
  • You can also add an individual description, which can be seen by everybody you invite to the gift.
Invite friends to chip in
Invite your friends to chip in. Via facebook, email or copy/paste the link.

Contribute. You can set an example and be the first one to chip in tot he gift. Via Online Banking, credit card or PayPal.
Hand over your gift
When your gift has been fully funded and you gift is ready, you’ll receive a voucher via email. With this voucher you can order the gift of your choice to wherever you want. Or you simply hand over the voucher itself.
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